Our Crew

Main Crew:

captain dale

Captain Dale Belanger

Captain Dale has been on Maine waters since his father let him solo the families 15’ fishing boat powered by a 1957 10 horse Johnson on Web Lake in the western mountains of Maine. A native of Maine, and a resident of Portland since graduating from the University of Southern Maine, Portland is his home but Casco Bay is where his heart is. Capt Dale holds his Master 100 Ton US Coast Guard license and is a certified diver. Being well known in Casco Bay, expect lobster boat captains and other boaters to wave a warm hello as you cruise around the scenic bay. Don’t be bashful asking the Captain questions just don’t necessarily believe all that you hear, but be sure to take in all that the Casco Bay coastline has for you to see.

First Mate – Cory Macgowan

Cory and his mustache

Cory and his mustache

Cory is the first mate and most experienced crew member of the Casablanca. Having served for four years in the Navy as a helicopter technician, he traveled to over 15 countries with a combined total of 12 months of sea time on-board a Navy frigate. In his spare time Cory sails his own boat, plays hockey, and enjoys dining out with friends. His mustache is seasonal, so get a glimpse of it while it lasts!




Distinguished Reserves:

Captain Albert Kolodji

captain albert

Raised in northern Minnesota, I was interested in sailing since I was a child. Not having an opportunity to sail I wanted to make it happen. In 1976, as a teenager I designed, built, and taught myself how to sail an iceboat. A short time later, I bought a 16’ catamaran which I learned to sail and race. After winning several races, my confidence and interest increased.

In my early twenties I would drive 85 miles to Duluth, Minnesota on race days where I would walk the docks offering myself as crew. One thing lead to another and I became a frequent participant in races, including longer races like the Trans-Superior Sailboat Races. During this time, I also started running sailboat charters on Lake Superior with non-experienced crew.

In 1985 I worked in the Florida Keys as a sailing instructor and sailing guide for overnight trips. In 1986, I moved to Maine to work as a sailing instructor at the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School where I learned and developed interpersonal teaching, group dynamics and compassion skills. I also learned more of what I was made of. After working for Outward Bound, I taught sailing for 11 years at the Southern Maine Technical College.

I was one of the founders of the Maine Challenges Sailors, a non-profit sailing organization for the blind and deaf. This was an extraordinary experience by any measure. In the five years I volunteered as a sailing and racing coach, I learned more from the participants than they did from me. I had to be very alert and attentive. One afternoon I sailed the 32’ boat we were using blind folded to put myself in the shoes of the blind sailors. I felt more emotions during that 3-hour sail than I ever knew I had.

I currently serve as crew and have served as race crew on several sailboats in Casco Bay and beyond – including two Caribbean 1500s, offshore cruising rallies where I served as crew and captain for 2,000 plus mile trips. I have served as crew on several schooners in the Maine Penobscot Bay. I do yacht deliveries and also ran several sailing charters in the BVI’s (British Virgin Islands).

For several years, I have held a 100-ton captain’s license. I currently operate a dinner/tour boat, the Casablanca, out of the Portland harbor. It is an 81-ton vessel inspected for 160+ passengers.

I am a sailor with natural abilities on the ocean – that’s where my heart is. I am very respectful and diligent with the care of any vessel I operate. I am looking for the opportunity to operate larger vessels sail or power, Yacht deliveries, Operate schooners, and teaching sailing.

Deck Hand – Jackson Cust

The Honorable Jackson Allen Cust

The Honorable Jackson Allen Cust

Jack is perhaps our most successful deck hand in the history of the Casablanca. In the summer of 2013 he was seen as a fountain of knowledge that’s likely irreplaceable. Currently, Jack is training in the Air National Guard, for which the entire United States benefits from his talents. We at the Casablanca are crossing our fingers that Mr. Cust may find the time in the summer of 2015 to rejoin us on our great vessel.